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The Birth of Knutson Travels…

Posted By : Josh Knutson/ 289 0

When you have profound things happen in your life, it tends to stick with you!  One of those profound experiences was my first trip to Thailand.  Even though my first time to Thailand was in the early 2000s, it still feels like yesterday!

My opportunity came while sitting in a Business class my junior year at Washington State University. We were greeted by two students who had just returned from the previous summer study abroad in… Thailand. The photos of the scenery, people, temples, and animals were amazing, but the song is what brought it all home for me, Moby’s Porcelain. This song may seem innocuous to most, but I had recently watched “The Beach”. It brought me to this beautiful island and I thought, I could experience the zen of “The Beach” in Thailand, so decided to sign up to study abroad that started in Chiang Mai.

My Thailand experience is the driving force behind Knutson Travels and the reason we provide cultural immersion tours.  Sure, we visit the temples, palaces, monuments and the like, but we partake in local Festivals and become apart of the culture!

Over the next several blogs, I will chronicle my first journey to amazing Thailand, a place unlike any other I have ever been.


Buddha Statues at Wat Pho, Bangkok