Reclining Buddha Wat Pho Bangkok, Thailand




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After a short 4 hour flight from Taipei, we had touchdown in BKK (Don Mueang) around noon local time. This first thing that struck me was the golf course between the runways followed by the ease of getting through immigration. The process was simplified by the fact I was entering the country on a 3-month Student Visa.

After getting my bags from the carousel, we immediately hailed a van to take us to our hotel. The hotel wasn’t much to write about so won’t mention the name (Our Knutson Travels Bangkok hotel is centrally located and amazing) and was not centrally located, but was nice because a metro station was close. On the way to the hotel we experienced one of the most insane rain showers I’ve ever experienced. The streets were flooded within a matter of minutes and a short time after that the rain was over.

After we reached our hotel and checked in, we learned there was a market a couple blocks away. We walked over to see an outdoor/indoor market filled with some of the most interesting fruits I’ve ever seen. We settled on the safe papaya and mango, but this was my first introduction (at least viewing) to Lychee & Rambutan.

After the market I was so tired, I ended up falling asleep until the next morning.

Bangkok To Be Continued!


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