Visa Information


A visa and a passport with at least six months remaining validity to enter China. Please visit the Embassy of China’s website for more information.



All U.S. citizens need a valid passport and valid Indian visa to enter and exit India for any purpose. Visitors, including those on official U.S. government business, must apply for visas at an Indian Embassy or Consulate abroad before entering the country. Please visit the visa contractor website or the Ministry of Home Affairs website for more information.



A valid passport and an onward/return ticket for tourist/business “visa free” stays of up to 90 days. Please visit the Japanese Embassy’s website for more information.



To enter Malaysia, your passport must be valid for at least six months. You do not need a visa to enter Malaysia if you are coming for business or tourism for short-term stays of 90 days or less. Please visit the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website for more information.



To enter Singapore, you will need a passport that is valid for at least six month beyond the date of your intended stay. You do not need a visa for tourist or business visits of up to 90 days Please visit the Embassy of Singapore’s website for more information.



If you are a U.S. citizen tourist staying for fewer than 30 days, you do not require a visa. Please visit the Royal Thai Embassy for more information.


Please note: This information is taken from and subject to change. Information is only for US Citizens traveling on valid US passports and subject to change. Knutson Travels does not guarantee this information to be accurate. Please visit or the respective country website to ensure proper travel documents needed to enter each country.

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